Final Paper Submission… and Congratulations!

H298 Spr 15
Cheers to completing your History 297-297 sequence! (And, in the process, also proving that a methods course can meet outside constructively, on a balmy spring day no less…)

A few final notes:

– Your final draft of the research paper is due Friday, at our exam period (8:30-11 am), as we’ve discussed. Just come by my office to drop it off, along with your rough draft that I’ve commented on and peer review sheet. I’ll be in my office from 10-11 for sure, before that is less certain, but you’re also welcome to leave your paper in my mailbox if you arrive after 8:30. Remember, no late papers after 11 am. Be sure to have it in!

– Congrat’s on completing the course! And cheers to a great working semester as a team. Good luck moving forward with upper division courses and 485. Remember, you’re a 298 vet. You’re always welcome to come back and visit me for advice as you move forward with diverse projects down the road…

Symposium Write-Up & Extra Credit Opportunity

Down to the last steps in the methods course road trip, plus one extra that’ll land you extra credit towards your Participation / Online Journal (20%) course grade…


1. Symposium Feedback (required, due Sunday, 4/26, 11:59 pm )

– Attend one of the symposiums sessions. You can find the schedule here.

– Afterwards, by 11:59 pm on Sunday, 4/25, send Dr. Fernsebner ( an email with an evaluation of the session you attended. Please include this evaluation in the text of your email (not as an attachment.) Here’s what you should include in your evaluation: the titles of the talks you heard; your own impressions of the effectiveness of the talks — think of this as an opportunity to explore approaches to giving a public presentation:

– what did you see each speaker do in their approach that worked well (or less well) re: organization of content, vocal style, body language, engagement with audience, eye contact, style and use of visuals, etc.

– Other aspects of content & analysis itself, and its presenting, that you found interesting or effective?

– What are the take-aways for you as you look head to your own 485 presentation?

2. Course Feedback Blog Post Extra Credit (due anytime by next Friday, 5/1, 11:59 pm)

Post about the aspects of this course (HIST 298) that you’ve found constructive or useful. In what ways? Are there other aspects that were less so? How would you change the course? What other elements would you wish to add? Were there areas that you felt you could use more time devoted to? (Less?) Many thanks for your feedback on our methods seminar!


Final Presentation Schedule

Final Presentations

Friday 4/10

1. Edward S.
2. Brooke T.
3. Neil S.

Wednesday 4/15

4. Megan G.
5. Ashley J.
6. Mercia S.

Friday 4/17

7. Zach W.
8. Athena T.
9. Victoria B.

Monday 4/20

10. Abigail F.
11. Jenna W.
12. Alex P.

Wednesday 4/22

13. Megan B.
14. Barry L.

Resume and Online Portfolio Week

We’re back for Week 9, and two workshops that are aimed at helping you prepare your resumes and online portfolios.

For Monday, 3/9, please remember to bring the following:

– A printed copy of your current resume (and please create one if you don’t already have one.)

– A  printed copy of an advertisement for a job or internship in which you might be interested. Note: it is fine if this ad has already expired, as we’ll be using these as a point of discussion. (One can find many such ads, especially for internships, by reading the back posts at the History and American Studies Department website, btw. Click through a few runs to see the range of opportunities that have been advertised in past seasons…)

– A pen for marking paper and your computers.

– Also, be sure that you can access the dashboard of your web domain, too, for our online portfolio work on Wednesday morning. To do so, head to and login. If you have trouble gaining access, or need help using your domain, you can contact the Digital Knowledge Center, which reopens tonight (Sunday evening). See for more.


4-Minute Presentation Schedule

See below for our schedule for 4-Minute presentations on research proposals. The assignment guidelines for these presentations can be found at our Assignments page.

Monday, 2/23

1. Jenna W.
2. Zach W.
3. Megan G.
4. Abigail F.
5. Athena T.

Wednesday, 2/25

6. Alex P.
7. Neil S.
8. Mercia S.
9. Edward S.
10. Megan B.

Friday, 2/27

11. Victoria B.
12. Jake R.
13. Brooke T.
14. Ashley J.
15. Barry L.


Primary Source Analysis Peer Critique Form Now Available

The peer critique form is now available for printing for our Friday class. Remember to bring along one copy of this form, printed, along with two copies of your paper (one for your professor, and one for a classmate for peer review) on Friday. Papers are due in hardcopy (2) at the start of class.

The form can be found at our Reading / Worksheets page, at the link next to “Primary Source Analysis Peer Critique Form.”


Spring 2015 Syllabus Now Available

Our syllabus for Dr. Fernsebner’s HIST 298 class is now available. See the “Syllabus” page here at the site for more. Remember that this syllabus is subject to tweaks and changes as the semester proceeds (stay tuned to this website and in-class announcements for more.)

Good news: no books are required for purchase for this course. Stay tuned for future announcements re: online readings here at the website.

Coming Spring 2015

This site will be used for Dr. Fernsebner’s Spring 2015 HIST 298 History Practicum course.

Note that we will not have any books assigned for purchase this spring.

Stay tuned to the site here for more information, including a forthcoming syllabus.